Miles Anderson Plays His Slide Trombone


Miles Anderson Plays His Slide Trombone Again

Barney Childs: Sonata for Solo TromboneMiles_LPs_files/Childs%20Sonata%20for%20Solo%20Trombone.mp3
Harold Budd: “...only three clouds...”Miles_LPs_files/Budd%20only%20three%20clouds.mp3
Frank Campo: CommedieMiles_LPs_files/Campo-%20Commedie.mp3
Roger Kellaway: EsqueMiles_LPs_files/Kellaway%20Esque.mp3

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Carlos Salzedo: Piece ConcertanteMiles_LPs_files/Salzedo-Piece%20Concertante.mp3
Charles Chaynes: ImpulsionsMiles_LPs_files/Cheynes%E2%80%94Impulsions.mp3
Roger Boutry: Cinq Pieces a QuatreMiles_LPs_files/Roger%20Boutry-Cinq%20Pieces%20a%20Quatre.mp3
Jacques Casterade: SonatineMiles_LPs_files/Casterade%E2%80%94Sonatine.mp3
Jean-Michel Defaye: Deux DansesMiles_LPs_files/Defaye%E2%80%94Deux%20Danses.mp3